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  •          Matrix wall refers to the use of a single mechanical module to form a pixel, a plurality of pixels to form The float matrix is ​​a form of mechanical and artistic combination that was born in recent years Thousands of motors are used to drive the...

  •          Matrix wall refers to the use of a single mechanical module to form a pixel, a plurality of pixels to form a wall of HTC, which can be displayed by computer-specific software to show different artistic patterns It is an important display form of art...

  •          竞博彩票-竞博体育jbo-job竞博 integrated motor adopts FOC or field oriented control, also known as vector frequency conversion, which is the best choice for efficient control of brushless DC motor (BLDC) and permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) The FOC selects a rotating...

  •          Since 1930, the German inventor, Mr Otto Pitte, has brought out the concept of fountains, and the musical fountain has brought countless happiness to people But her construction is quite troublesome, and the overhaul has always been a chronic illness for engineers If the cost is too high, it will be troublesome and troublesome

  •          The following is an introduction to the application of the 竞博彩票-竞博体育jbo-job竞博 integrated motor STM5756A-CAN on an automatic cruiser STM5756A-CAN is an integrated motor controlled by 竞博彩票-竞博体育jbo-job竞博 with CANopen bus control It has the smallest size at home and abroad, bu...

  •          In satellite mobile communication systems, antenna automatic tracking technology is a very critical technology In the automatic antenna tracking technology, the most critical issue is the speed of antenna acquisition and tracking of satellites Nimotion is ...

  •          立迈胜结合一体化伺服电机及运动控制器的产品特点和优势设计了成熟、完善的同步控制和恒张力控制的方案,为长期困扰客户的核心技术难点提供成熟、稳定、完善的控制方案。

  •          一体化低压伺服电机为AGV提供动力电机和转向电机,每台AGV由4台伺服电机通过CANopen协议总线伺服连接。我公司研发的一体化低压伺服电机体积小、外部干扰低,为AGV的控制稳定性提供依靠。

  •          一体化竞博彩票电机体积小,极大的降低了安装空间,采用内部走线,本地IO,可就近接入限位零点等传感器,恰好满足了矩阵墙的所有要求。

  •          一体化竞博彩票电机体积小,重量轻,是矩阵球的最佳选择。同时浮球矩阵配合我司自主研发的运动控制器,可实现优异的动态同步性能,展示不同场景需求的立体图案。

  •           竞博彩票-竞博体育jbo-job竞博一体化电机采用FOC即磁场定向控制,也称矢量变频,是目前注射泵上高效控制的最佳选择方案。

  •          闭环竞博彩票电机采用一体化设计,轻松解决喷泉的布线问题,智能的一体化电机运动精准,控制更简单,更有报警功能。

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